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a and k


yes indeed.

And the winner is…Kent! Good show.

All right … Taking a page out of BJ’s playbook: Identify 6 of these 8 n’s.

eight n's

Alinea Incise, ITC Bodoni 6 pts, Diotima, Souvenir

Latina, ITC Tempus Sans, Goudy, …

last one, perhaps FF Seria?

J-F P —

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
No. Yes. No… and Yes.

That makes six. Your turn. But first… Anyone else want to fill in the missing two?

— K.

The one I say its “Goudy,” I’m pretty sure its from hime, but just another one from same guy, yes?

Sorry, J-F, not even close.

Anyone else?

— K.

If the samples were numbered this way:

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

I’m assuming we’re talking about Nos. 5 and 7.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what those are, but the No. 5 looks Storm-ish, and the No. 7 looks like some variation of Garamond, though not one I’ve found so far, though Garamond #4 looked promising for a minute. How close am I? Any clues?

Chesh —

Yes, we’re talking about Nos. 5 and 7.

No. 5 might look Storm-ish because he recently did a
revival of this text face. This is not the Storm version,

No. 7 traces its roots earlier than Garamond, but is a
relatively recent (well, 1996) rendition/interpretation.

— K.

7 is Hightower.

OK, here’s the next one:


Kent, More early than you want but:
I’m not able to follow much this new Quiz, as I move to Toscana, Italy tomorrow for holidays, I will charge Tiffany (I don’t ask her yest?!) to follow the answers (I give to her the answers and some more images).

Although not an exact match (the sample seems to be an italic or at least slanted/oblique; while the FontFont catalogue shows no such versions; and the radius of the upper left corner seems to be greater in the sample), it seems to share some characteristics with FF Zan by Albert Boton.

Which character is it?

Dana, yes indeed, “its FF Zan, done by Albert Boton during the sixties, but relaunched by FF last year, under the package FF Bastille.” Congratulations. This was a clever ID as the character is the

(Not yet in the move for holidays)

Impressed how you get it so fast!???

thanks for the help Tiffany :-)

JFP, if the “impressed how you get it so fast!???” is addressed to me, the answer is that I read the Typofonderie news. There is a photo of an Albert Boton sample in the latest issue which is a very good clue.

I can add a new quiz in the morning. That is unless JF sneaks a new one on until then. – After I read the Gazette, I wondered if there weren’t too many clues. :-)

Tiffany: Stop to read please! :-P

Dana: I have done a mistake, you right.

Alrighty then, name 13 of the 15 fonts shown.

And the little numbers in the corners aren’t one of the ones to be named.


That is an ampersand, yes?

Sure is.

Hmm… have I finally made a stumper? OK, here’s a hint: there’s another typeface which is practically identical to this one. The names of these two typefaces have two words each, and the second word of each is identical to the other. The two first words, put together, form the full name of a 20th-century author who, at one time, was quite well-known.

Dang — no takers, huh? Here’s a bit more of the sample:


Dave — Is this font for sale?

Can you show us a lc g from the same face?

Is the font for sale? Yes. Both this font and its near-identical twin, referenced in the first hint, can be found on MyFonts.

Can I show you an lc g from the same face? I would if I could, but I can’t.

Chesh —

This looks like Huxley Vertical. Oh, isn’t there another version that uses Aldous instead? That must be what you meant from your hint. Aldous Huxley. Right?

— K.