Seaside Sanitation - chunky serif

Hi another one for you.

99% certain the "Seaside" is hand-drawn, so I'm already retracing that in Illustrator; however, I'm sure I've seen the font used for "Sanitation" somewhere before, but darned if I can place it right now. Any ideas?

Oh, and if anyone could ID "Commercial, Residential, Industrial" as well, I'd be tickled pink.


“SANITATION” is set in squooshed™ http://Clarendon Bold Condensed by Bitstream. The “Commercial • Residential • Industrial” line is almost certainly http://Times Italic or http://Times New Roman Italic, though with all that ink spreading it’s hard to call (my guess is the former because of its smaller eye on the e that in this case is very nearly lost). Times also sports the bigger bullet, though these definitely have been enlarged.

Good Luck!
William Leverette

That did the trick. Thanks!