TDC Arabic Typography Workshop

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Its coming up soon...

Arabic Typography Workshop
Introduction to Arabic Type Design with Nadine Chahine
Fri–Sat: 23–24 Oct; 8:30 am–5 pm

Linotype’s Arabic specialist and Branding Manager, Nadine Chahine, will give a 2-day workshop as an introduction to Arabic type design. Workshop participants will receive online reading material as well as an optional reading list to start on before the workshop begins. The first day schedule will include an introduction to the Arabic script as well as a short overview of the state of Arabic typography today. Participants will then start on an Arabic logotype design for an existing brand. This will serve as a starting point for them to expand into a full typeface. The workshop aims to give a basic understanding of how the Arabic script functions, the possibilities of new design directions, as well as address the issue of multi-script branding in today’s world.

Admission: $450 for members; $550 for non-members

To register, please email: director (at) or call 1-212-633-8943; or visit EventPal for online sales.

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Well, I just got back from this, and I have to say it was simply amazing. Nadine did a fantastic job of demystifying the Arabic script and letting us get our feet wet by starting in on a type design. (It was fun, even if Naskh can be trying: !) I'd like to thank her for her patience and help over the past few days.

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