RAI first text typeface

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Hello everyone! I’m trying to understand which typeface is the one used in the first RAI trasmission. In te picture you can have a look at it. The screenshot is form 1954 .. I hope this can be useful. Actually any suggestion about similar mood’s font is well accepted.

Just to be precise, the typeface I am referring is the one which is used to write «rai - radiotelevisione italiana»


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Looks like Century Schoolbook to me.

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It's difficult to say with such a blurry pic. But it seems to me more slab serif.

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A classic italian slab serif from the era is Aldo Novarese’s Egizio:

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I thought it looked almost like a typewriter font. This sample was made with Mecanorma's Bulletin Typewriter with an added 1 pt stroke.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks a lot, I think I'll use Novarese's Egizio.

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