(x) Arena masthead - designed by Neville Brody {Yves}

sorry for posting a picture of my girlfriend!!
but i want to know what the font for ARENA is..

or is it custommade?

ohh… and yes…
and if you see my woman… tell her to call me and come back home.. tell her i am sorry and i still love her!!

 : )


Aw come on, we were just getting to know each other. She asks me
to tell you she’s staying with me for a while longer. :-)

The Arena masthead was custom designed by Neville Brody.

thanx for the masthead…

i hope you treat her well.. i can wait.. i am cool… i can take it… i am like a cat… i always end up on my feet…

i am dizzy without my Lizzy

For what it’s worth, the Arena masthead face is similar in a lot of ways to an emboldened Insignia mixed with Typeface Six, both by Brody as well.