Light semiserif: Liquid Love

Thought I might find this on dafont as it doesn't look too polished, but no luck. Any ideas?


I think it's called Ela... let me check.

- Lex

The closest I can think of right now is MVB Bossa Nova, although I swear I've seen this font before. I think the name starts with a V, although I'm sure that doesn't help. :P

Yeah, I thought it was Ela too...

To me it looks like a butchered Adobe Garamond with some of the serifs sawn off, but maybe my eyes deceive me...

--- Tamas Ferencz ---

Really?! I'll see if I can get the same effect that way. But the strokes look inconsistent to me: the rounds are quite a bit heavier than the straights. And there doesn't seem to be any overshoot.

In some ways Storm's http://Areplos is similar, but some of its serifs would need to be removed too. Tamas's theory bears consideration, but I haven't finished looking at semiserif fonts.

- Mike Yanega

Maybe that V font was Vandermark? However, it's not a match.

- Mike Yanega

So far, Psy/Ops http://Serus is the closest I have found, but it's not exact.

- Mike Yanega