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Badona Typeface

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Oguzhan Ocalan / Oğuzhan Öçalan's picture
Joined: 19 May 2009 - 6:09pm
Badona Typeface

This is Badona, my first full typeface. It has two weights, thin and regular. As soon as the kerning and autospacing are being finished, it will hopefully find its place on the market.

Hope you like it. Thanks.
Oguzhan Ocalan

K Cerulean Pease's picture
Joined: 19 Oct 2003 - 5:03pm

Nice. I think the OE needs more O in it.

Riccardo Sartori's picture
Joined: 13 Jul 2009 - 4:20am

How much I would like that the worst critique to my first typeface would be to its œ! ;-)

I like its constrained playfulness, by the way.

Nina Stössinger's picture
Joined: 19 Jun 2006 - 3:01pm

- Do the rounds have any overshoot? "o", "e" and such look small to me.
- The caps seem more unfinished than the lc, also in terms of divergent curve character and widths (doesn't that "QUARED" look a bit strange?)
- I see some clogging issues in joins, especially in the Thin version, but also the Regular. You might try to compensate/thin/taper more.
- The spacing needs a lot of work. :-\ Your glyphs can be as pretty as they want – the spacing really makes or breaks a font.

I'd say if you spend some more time polishing this, you can make it *really* nice (as opposed to quite interesting for a first/early one).  :-)

David R.'s picture
Joined: 4 Jan 2007 - 4:47pm

Really interesting!
I really like the lc. nuy are too large though. u has too be less wide than n too (on average over 40 fonts I surveyed it is 2%) ; f and t are too narrow as almost always with a first font. m & w look too similar and w is too empty at the top.
There are many spacing issues. The rounds may need to overshoot slightly more.
J is really strange. The bar of the A could be lower. The R is a bit out of proportion with the rest. M is too narrow. Check the width of each stem and joints, they seem to vary too much.

HTH, let me know if it does not or if you think that I am wrong.