Constructive criticism sought.

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Here's a sample of Cherritt-a future Greater Albion release. Any constructives criticism would be welcome.

Cherrittsample.pdf49.72 KB
Cherrittsample2.pdf53.42 KB
Cherrittsample3.pdf53.43 KB
Cherritt_Gallery_5.pdf219.09 KB
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Lower case "s" top seems a bit dark and compressed (like it got squooshed by a weight falling on its head). The LC "t" is interesting but perhaps its top is a bit too thin - the left crossbar seems to interact with the curve up to the terminal in a not so nice way - too abrupt perhaps? Maybe ease up on it by lowering the "t" ascender? Overall feel of the typeface is nice enough - it feels like a "Victorian-styled" Courier. Perhaps the comma tail could be extended just a bit more as right now it can be easily mistaken for a period.

Hope this helps, take with a grain of salt, and ultimately you will need to decide what works best with what you envision for this typeface.

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I find the "r" a little unbalanced, something in the curve, maybe a little too long.
Most of all, tough, I think the "Ch" ligature don't work as intended: I keep reading "herritt" with a swashed "h". The "C" letterform should be more distinct, maybe wider/rounder.

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Bemerx25 and Riccard0, thatnks very much for your feedback. I'm inclined to agree with all your thoughts and have made some modifications accordingly. I've attached a revised speciment sheet (Cherrittsample2.pdf) above. I've also added in a few more ligatures.

Bemerx25-I particularly like the idea of Cherritt as a 'Victorian Courier'. Thanks again to both of you for your feedback!

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just a word to say i think that the minus 'w' and 'x' seems bolder than other letters.

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Lefty, on reflection I agree-the 'v' as well I think, thanks for spotting it. I've just added a sample three above, having put the three glyphs on a slimming course.

Thanks again!

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I like the idea behind this, but find the same problem with the lc t as Bemerx25. I also find that arcing problem in the bottom section of the numeral 2. Also, the p and the q don't seem to work. It may be that the curve of the descender is too weak. I'd agree about the lc s and find the ss glyph too perfunctory, as if you have tried to compromise between too much of a difference in size and no difference whatsoever.

Finally, I find the exclamation mark really jumps from the different text samples because it is very, very heavy.

That said, I'd love to see the next generation[s].


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I like the quirkiness of your ligatures, a few points throughout appear a lot bolder than the average, like the midpoint of the M, and the x.

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