Logo Font Identification

Can anyone identify this font? Used for a logo for "mpbata" and found on Graphic-Exchange.



Looks like Eurostile to me. Maybe a bit flattened.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks for the guess!

I'm wondering if might even be a custom font. Though similar to Eurostile the "a" on "mpbata" logo curves up more making the counter more pointed than it is in Eurostile, where it seems to curve downward.

Any other thoughts/guesses?

It's not an exact match but it has a feel of something like Stak or Distilla from Identikal.

I see your point about the 'a'. House Gothic Extended Light (1 or 2) is quite similar if you modify their 't'.

I also thought Foundry Monoline was similar, but the t needs editing.

- Mike Yanega