Show bill style self-contained words

Hi there,

sometimes in vintage style show bills or packaging, you see these self-contained words, generally "and", "with", "to", etc.

I have attached an example, which is circled within the poster.

Does anyone know of a modern font specialising in this type of thing? I found one once, but can't remember the name. Plus, I don't know what the correct term for these "self-contained words" is, which makes searching difficult.

Would appreciate help.



This came up once before but I can't find the node. One such typeface is Brothers Word Logos from Emigre. I want to say House has another but the old brain is just grinding when I turn the key.

Thanks, that's really helpful. Although, I think the one that I have seen previously might have been more extensive... so if anyone knows of anything else?

You might be thinking of Catch Words by Jeff Levine.

Bello Words.

The one in your sample is from Adobe Woodtype Ornaments.