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came across this truly masterful flash site... which also uses a lovely rounded font. The closest font i own that matches it is FF Netto, so i wondered if anyone happens to know what this one actually is.

You can find the font and the site on the link below (the font is used throughout, for titles etc);


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I'd like to know too. It looks very familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Nick Cooke

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I've found another similar font in the shape of Lineto's Gravur Condensed, but is again, not an exact match (the 'o' is too narrow)...
anyone else having any luck?

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It's very small, but I'd say FF DIN.

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Here is a screenshot:

It is not DIN. But I don't know, too. Some letters remind me as if someone wanted to create a »sharp« version of Nick Cookes Chevin. ;)

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A little bigger view of the title.

And also the body text.

I attempted to pull the font information out of the SWF file but they use a 'loader.swf' file that's over my head.

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Bryant Condensed from Process is pretty close. The bold u/c WONDERWALL in particular.

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Yeah, i checked Bryant Condensed and Compressed, they are quite close, their 'bold' versions almost need to be a bit stronger.
This font has got me stumped. thanks to everyone so far for looking into it. I'm refusing to give up.

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After an extensive search yesterday I'm starting to think this one might be custom. Bryant Condensed and PF DIN are close in overall weight and feel but each is missing critical details.

If someone knows ActionScript and can figure out the path names that the 'loader.swf' file uses to retrieve each page it shouldn't be difficult to get the font information.

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The flash file says DIN Next Rounded LT Pro.

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We have a winner!!
Thanks Seb and everyone else... I wouldn't of had a clue how to go about finding it out through a flash file, far too technical for me.

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That makes sense, I guess. It really does look like DIN; just not a version of DIN I've previously been familiar with. Nice one.

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Christian Robertson's Ubuntu Titling Font would make a nice alternative for the bolder weights.

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