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Logo design for a (theoretical) children's graphic design studio.

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009 - 9:56pm
Logo design for a (theoretical) children's graphic design studio.

Below is an attempt at a whimsical logo for an imaginary children's graphic design company. I am designing the logo as practice, to develop my design "skills", and I recognize that criticism plays a crucial role in my improvement. So, here it is. I welcome any and all feedback you can provide.


Frode Bo Helland's picture
Joined: 26 Feb 2007 - 1:03pm

I think it’s great that you do these kind of exercises!

I like how the letters in dino are so playful, though the dinosaur d is not obvious enough yet. You need to play more with the head. Especially the mouth.
I think the tagline typeface is to serious, to straight, to work with the wordmark. I’d look for something a little more playful.

MrKikkoman's picture
Joined: 2 Aug 2008 - 11:18am

Cool concept but I agree with frode. I think it would work better if your dino letters were all on a baseline too. They seem to be drifting upwards right now.

Also, try putting the tagline underneath dino left aligned.

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Joined: 15 Sep 2009 - 10:50am


I have to say this: Well done on the initiative / self-practice!

The logo has the right amount of simplicity and fun relating to kids. The incorporating of the dinosaur image is good.

1.The dinosaur's head seems to be a tad too awkward with the mouth.
2. You would need to choose whether to place the tagline eschewed to the right with the brandname 'dino' in an upward curve OR a more traditional centrally-aligned under 'dino'.

This may come as a surprise, but I've just recently completed a similar design:


David Schwartz's picture
Joined: 4 Aug 2006 - 11:40pm

I love the "o" in the Dino. I don't like the color of the tag, and maybe you shouldn't use Museo--try a less serious font maybe?