Vintage pointing finger dingbat?

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Hi all,

New to the forums but I've been looking at the site for some time. I know this thread already kinda exists but I was wondering if anyone has come across any good examples of the pointing finger within a font?

Either free or licensed, I'm not bothered just can't find much reference.

Actually, this is one but there must be more.

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Have a look at Mesa Pointe.

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It's not clear if you're specifically looking for vintage-style pointing fists, or if you're referring to the typographic fist itself as a vintage relic.

FF Scala Hands is a great collection of variations.

David Jonathan Ross included some pointing fists in his recently released Trilby from Font Bureau.

Jonathan Hoefler's Fell Type Roman, from the Historical Allsorts set, has a couple vintage pointing fists (but I don't see any way of inspecting them via their website).

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(I am honored that one of my types was first one you found.)


steve mehallo

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You might enjoy Martin Majoor's Bruce Rogers, pointer & Scala Hands Flickr set.

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thanks everyone… good starting (and ending) blocks

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American Pi NF features several bishop's fingers, plus a lot of other useful, not-often-seen characters, and Woody Goodies 1 NF pretty much does the same, but with an Old West twist.

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Actually, I found a pretty nice old set here too today, from The Walden Font Company:

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