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Joined: 16 Aug 2003 - 4:27pm

This is my first typeface, previously displayed in the sans-category here. Back then I had no idea what a display typeface was nor that I was actually designing one. I have worked alot on Magma since then and have come to a result I’m fairly happy about. All the Latin1 characters are made (I hope..) and lots and lots of kerning have been done, not like you guys would be unfamiliar with that, hehe

Anyway, I’d like to present Magma, revision 2, a display font completley made from scratch. I’d love some comments and critique.


The reason for Magma being display and simply not a sans is that it just looks way better in largescale. If i’m wrong on this point and Magma still is not a display face, please point me in the right direction as I’m still relativley new to typography.

I haven’t checked if Magma is some trademark violation yet, so there is a possibility that the typeface will change name.

I hope no one minds that I post a new thread, this just feel so different from the original subject. If a moderator should prefer so, please merge this thread with the old one or delete on of them.

Best regards,
Andreas Climent

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Joined: 4 Sep 2002 - 4:18pm

Its simple and sweet, I like this Display-Face.

Maybe you can try to find a softener solution on “w”, i think it seems harder than the other characters. maybe just “cut off” the cross, the above part in the middle.

A couple of years ago I developed a display-typeface called Heaventica, but after a Hard-disc accident i haven’t been able to finished it.
You can check that out anyway in the typophile-forum.