help with Greek and Russian

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I want to add a Greek set to a font I've made.
I'm afraid this will look silly because I'm not familiar
with Greek. Please help me develop this.

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Actually your Greek set is excellent (and take that from a Greek :-). Could you provide a sample with both latin and Greek, to see how they match together?

George Triantafyllakos -

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Thank you.
Here's a sample with alternating Latin and Greek sentences.

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I started working on the Russian set today. Very quick draft. How does this look? I found out some characters have more than one handwritten form. I don't know how to decide which to choose.

I appreciate your feedback on this. I know the color is different from the Latin and Greek set. Should be a tad lighter, I think. Also, it doesn't seem to have the same feel. Any help? Maybe it's the small number of characters with ascenders and descenders?

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Im always amazed when someone takes on a character set such as Greek or Hebrew that they don't understand. Great work

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hi James

i like your font very much.
as not russian, but native cyrillic reader i think you need more experience with cyrillic handwriting. please give more looks on cyrillic scripts from ukrainian, serbian, belarusian and russian calligraphers, so you will know more about natural forms.

about this scetch i want you to use more of your delightful thinnest endings, it would work best in descenders of -ц-щ- or connector in -ы-. break this unusual loop in -н-, make more flamable ascender in -б- (it may rather not be similar to -delta-), look for natural shapes for -л-ф-г-ч-. ovals in -в- and -ь- may get endings not to down, but to right, and right stem in -я- need some too. won't try to use your pretty -theta- as cyrillic -т-?

i wish you make a beauty cyrillic,
sorry for my english


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Thanks, Gary!

Andrijko, you're feedback is precious. Thank you! I have made these changes with your help. Am I on the right track? I will keep looking for handwritten Cyrillic samples to get a better idea of what looks natural.

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my english is very poor, so i talk
about these new shapes shortly:
-в- is better, but top loop is too small and connection of loops too dark. don’t be afraid to break bottom oval a little, and give your thin connection line to right. this letter may respond to -o- so very thin line to right is ok.
something similar is with ovals in -ь-ъ-ы-. generally speaking, -ы- is historic ligature, that stay in russian, so you can use oval in it like a prototype for -ь-ъ- (but please make horizontal connection more thiner).

-я- now is too narrow and rotated for me. try to move right leg to the right to wide and fix it to the line?

i like better previous version of -б-, it need only move ascender’s tail up, but round form for ascender is ok

-г- don’t need to start so straight up like your, make this letter more wavelike

upper arc in -ч- can be very plain in scripts, and can correspond to -ъ-

i’d like to see more brave descenders in -ц-щ-, it can look similar to descender of -g- or -y-

i hope this can help

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I am really interesting to use your Greek monotonic handwritting font. Can you send it to me ?


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How can i get this greek font

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Hey I'm really interested in this font, can I ask you for some sample words to see how it looks on something other than a generic sample?

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Russian antique copper container 2.. Is the name of the YouTube video. Has 16 old Church Slavonic letters on container, and a date of 1775. Please take a look, look for translation? Thanks Thomas Caryofilles

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