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Extra Bold Didone (Blondie woodmark by Studio Von Birken) {Gang}

I check almost all usual suspects. Closest matches are Falstaff and Bodoni Poster but they're not cigar... Serif junctions are curved, same for top part of the "d"... Thanks in advance.


Check out the 'similar fonts' in the left hand column. May be 'CG Poster Bodoni' or one of the others.


Sahara Bodoni has the curved serif junctions:

Thanks Creative. Already checked all these ones using same method. CG Bodoni Poster has straight serifs.
Fontgrub, thank you. Sahara Bodoni has quite all except the curved top part of the "d" (or "l")...

Sorry Ryuk. I was in a rush out the door and didn't realize it was you who was asking.

After a second look the serifs appear to be the only real difference from Bodoni Poster. Hmmm.

Thanks a lot CreativeNRG. May be I have to consider that it's custom and serifs have been manually curved...

Blonds have more fun.. and manually curved..