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Motion Typography Site Development

I am planning to develop a site dedicated to motion typography for a university project.

It would be a site where users can upload and rate other videos, as well follow tutorials, etc

I have a questionnaire, I would really appreciate it if you took the time to fill it in. to help me get a better understanding of features to include on the site.

If you are interested message me back or email me at, or complete the questionnaire below

Thanks for your time, Steven


Motion Typography Survey

- DOB:

- Occupation:

- Do you think there is much demand for a dedicated motion typography website?

- How often would you use and visit the site?

- Have you used the vimeo channel for kinetic typography ( Can you think on any ways to improve upon this channel?:

- What features would you like to see on the site: (put yes beside chosen)
Comment/rating system
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Other (please state)

- Do you have experience with Adobe After Effects:

- Do you think a tutorial section would work well:

- If you have any other suggestions or comments please add: