font id, please {CreativeNRG, Jan}

Hi. What font would this be? Thanks.


Looks like Morgan Avex to me.

Trigger finger is touchy today.

I am somewhat confused: is there a font named "Trigger finger"?

At that size it could be many slabs for me.
At least the ‘A’ doesn’t look like Morgan Avec to me (because the top is Sans (without)).

If you want, you can check the original webpage here:

What I meant to say is that the top of the ‘A’ in Morgen Avec is actually Sans (meaning without a serifs).

The "trigger finger" comment was in response to my double post... too many years of 'double clicking'.

Thanks for posting the website. It helped greatly.

The headline font is called Sketch Block

The rest is Soho Std

100% guaranteed correct ID. Take it to the bank. ;)

Thanks a lot!