Angular scripts similar to Loupot

While looking for angular scripts similar to Loupot I stumbled over a flickr post by our very own Florian Hardwig (see image below) and I am wondering whether there are some others worth mentioning?

So far I found Cabarga Cursive and Coptek, but surely there must be more out there?

Thanks in advance,



Ryuk, thank you - that's quite a list.

Being left unsatisfied after having looked at all the suggestions, I am very interested in any more suggestions.

Hi Seb,

did you see that I had linked to an older thread on angular scripts on that Flickr page?

Yes, that genre definitely could do with some additions. Maybe we’ll see one by Underware one day?

More angled beauties in this list of Connected Chrome Scripts.

Thanks for chiming in, Florian. Yes, I agree that an angular script from the talented folks over at Underware would be great.

The list from Ryuk was pretty good for angular, but maybe some of the heavy German styles should also be considered? They are not all angular, exactly, but the feel is similar in my opinion. See Tobias Frere-Jones' version of Imre Reiner's Reiner Script (1951), Reiner's Mercurius Script (1957); Reiner's Matura (1938), Reiner's 'Mustang' (revived by Patrick Griffin as Hunter (1956), W. Wege's Signal (1931), Georg Trump's Time Script (1956), Heinz Schumann's Stentor (1964); Herbert Thannhaeuser's 1954 'Kurier' (revived as Puma by Rebecca Alaccari, Thannhaeuser's Lotto (1955), George Hauser's Hauser Script (1937), Rudolf Koch's 1927 'Kurrent' revived by Sudtipos as Divina, Paul Zimmermann's Impuls (1945), Peter Schneidler's Maxim (1956), F.H.E.Scheidler's Graphis (1934) and Reporter by Carlos Winkow (1938).

This list was compiled mainly by scanning through Jaspert's book and using my notes about existing fonts of the heavy German styles.

- Mike Yanega

Orion from Umbrella is a bit angular.

Trentor Script from Umbrella also fits the bill.

Lightin' from Letraset has angular aspects.

Mess from Adobe is a possibility.

Thank you so much Mike & Jeff - quite an overwhelming list.

I am now left feeling a little bit stupid for not remembering Trentor Script by fellow Stockholm-ian Göran Söderström which fits my needs almost exactly...

I was unable to open the Veer site. Who designed Trentor?

(edit: never mind – already answered. I shall make a greater effort to fully read posts in the future. However, I still cannot open the Veer site.)

- Mike Yanega

Mike, I think there are some problems with the Veer site today, but if you just want to have a look at Trentor Script you can see it and download a pdf specimen on http://Göran's site.

Ah, thanks Seb. That certainly is angular. It looks almost like folded segments of the letters. Interesting look. It seems to rise off the page.

- Mike Yanega

Here are a few more I ran across.

Fig Script from Process Type.

Lingua from Process Type.

Rosalinde from TypeType.