Marc&Anna font?

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i found this lovely typeface used for a project by Marc&Anna... I really like the solid form of the 'r'. however i think i read somewhere that its actually a custom font, but it seems familiar to others i've seen, but can't name them.... can anyone suggest similars?

To see more of the font being used in this project head to their site;

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It's not an exact match, but Mark Simonson's Refrigerator is pretty close.

- Mike Yanega

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Also Banque Gothique Extra Condensed would be close, if you stretch it vertically.

The N is the non-typical aspect, and could easily be modified, for this and my previous choice.

- Mike Yanega

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Hi there, I noticed this thread link to our website so thought I'd help out.

The font is called Bourgeois and was designed by Jonathan Barnbrook – I'd love to say that we customised it, but we didn't have time in the end! This version is the Bold Condensed. Not hugely keen on the lower case, but the uppercase is nice and rigid. Hope that helps.

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I was just about to say "why not get in touch with M&A as they're nice people and I'm sure they'll help you out" but they're already on the case. See, they are nice people.

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Thanks Alex!

ps. that Refrigerator is VERY close, good find.

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