help with identifying ampersand

Hello. I'm looking to identify this ampersand – can anyone help? Im sure its blindingly obvious to a real typophile.
many thanks in advance!



UPDATE – ignore me. Eloquent - Veer – pistilli etc.. you've all heard it all before -



typ01134 blog –

You noted it as Eloquent Swash from Jukebox but that doesn't appear to be an exact match. Interesting that 'Cabernet Swash' from Jukebox has nearly an identical ampersand.

It's really annoying that Veer doesn't let you Flont the "&" symbol. :\

i noticed Cabernet - but its only the italic version that has this - and that mark is italicised. – this one is straight.
Eloquent looks like the best quality cut ill get of this mark - though as you say - not exact.

if anyone knows the exact font id be really interested.

typ01134 blog –

What it matches exactly is the alternate ampersand of Pistilli Roman (a film type shown in the 1985 Phil's Photo book called "Homage to the Alphabet"). The closest digital font I know to Pistilli Roman is Carousel, however Carousel does not have this alternate ampersand. It also has differences mainly in the lower case (e, g, k, v, w, x, y, z). Uppercase K and Q are different.

- Mike Yanega