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Signage Letters ID


Wondering if I can get a second, or third set of eyes on these letters. I was thinking Benton Sans Bold or News Gothic but I'm just not 100% at the moment. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.



Tough set of letters to ID... not very distinctive. Can we see a clearly view of the "R"?

Unfortunately this was the only photo that I was given by a client of mine. I agree and sorry that I don't have a better image.

I agree with Jeff, but in a way that's the good news. That also means it would be hard to say anything similar was not a match, based on those letters. The R has a straight leg. If it does not touch the stem, then you could use Franklin Gothic, for example. If the leg of the R does touch the stem, then you could use http://AG Schoolbook Medium (with some squooshing), or http://Nobel Bold (with squooshed O), or http://Praxis Bold, with a little O squooshing.

If you get any idea about a few other key letters, like M, G, S or C, you can use the beta version of the Sans Serif ID Guide to locate other candidates. As I did in this answer.

- Mike Yanega

I'd also suggest Futura Bold Condensed, or any condensed mid-century geometric for that matter.

- Lex

That Futura weight is OK, but lighter weights don't have the flat topped N.

- Mike Yanega