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I teach design at a local arts college. I needed a font for movie poster credits and need to be able to extensively modify the font when needed. I decided, for copyright reasons, to make my own. In that case, I could modify away and if the font got out "into the wild" by accident, it copyright would not be an issue. I thought I would allow edu free use.

I've never been happy with the various highly condensed sans faces. I'm not sure why. dugud is in it's early stages. Kerning has not yet been started. As I see the font, I think I'll produce a much thinner version as a companion font.

Be that as it may.




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Nice effort. I like it. But, with so many out there, wouldn't be easier to modify one that's already in the public domain?

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The tails (a,q,Q,u) feel a little too hesitant. It the form is going to be different, then make the difference more pronounced. Any anomaly in this geometric font is going to be very noticeable, so make them look more intentional. See how the a and d baseline regions look eerily similar, yet noticeably different. I think these tails could extend a little further past the stem's vertical.

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Thanks for the comments.

I hadn't thought of modifying a public domain font. Well, I got the practice anyway. It was quite fun and it's not over yet.

Thanks. Very insightful. Yes, I was thinking that the Q,q,u might be a problem. What do you mean by intentional if I may ask? Should I drop the swash on the q and go with a reflected p? I tried the u in the manner of an upsidedown n (with tweaks). Perhaps I should go back to that thinking?

Wonderful feedback, just what I needed.


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Yeah, sorry. "Intentional" is a very intangible description. I think the tails there should extend out further...dare-I-say Helvetica-like? (see the Helvetica a) This may infringe on some of the white-space next to the stems of a,q,u, but you can make optical corrections when you set the body width. Just my thoughts...and in regards to riccard0's comment, I definitely understand the motivation behind starting a font from scratch; it can be a fun learning exercise!

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OK. I don't have time to revise today but I'd really like to run variation by you. I'll get something together tomorrow and perhaps you could comment? Thanks for the clarification on the "intentional". Not 100% sure I get it but I do get it to 75% anyway. If I do a revise I may understand better.


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I think the A is too wide; it definitely breaks the rhythm in your sample.

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Great! I'll follow this thread and offer what I can.

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The tail of lowercase q is interesting can something like that
be applied to more characters. Also cap K looks very congested.

It will be difficult to get this to look different from the
many sans condensed faces already out there but is is well drawn.

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