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typeface made up entirely of logos

I seen them there fonts that have those logos and stuff in them, seen wny with all the makor grocery stores? Much appreciated.


What sort of logos and stuff?

Does not compute. Syntax error.

Care to post a sample or a URL?

There are fonts where every letter is a logo of a company…. like one with grocery stores like ralphs or albertsons…. get it?

Actually, I have seen things like this, but not in font form.

I know of CD collections with company logos in EPS and/or TIFF format. You’d probably have more luck looking for these through stock photography/clip art outlets than through typefoundries. You also may find that it’s more cost-effective to license only the logos you need rather than the entire CD, where offered, but this of course would depend on your specific needs.

Good luck. I hope this helps.


i have somthing like that, i have to find it though. it has most of the credit card logos, not sure if it has the grocery store logos on it. i’ll keep an eye out. email me and i’ll send the font (w/logos) to you as soon as i find it. ( it’s on a bootleg CD i have….somewhere)