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Like Greater Albion, has an ambition to restore visual character and astetic design principles to the world. offers a range of fonts for live on-line use on your web pages, offering the chance to go beyond ubiqitous standbies such as Arial, Times and Verdana.

Greater Albion has taken the step into Web Typography through a partnership with We have made a range of our typefaces available for live web use through kernest’s service at an annual subscription of $9. You can view our page on Kernest here.

Intiall we've made twelve faces available. More will follow later:

- Absinette
- Bamberforth
- Bonning
- Bonningtom
- Braxia
- Bromwich
- Cherritt
- Chipping
- Clementhorpe
- Paveline
- Sabio
- Vertrina