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Hey Everyone,
I was wondering if you know what the font is that is used in fortune magazine's title.
I love the magazine's high end business appeal and am trying to achieve this look in some of my work.
Any help would be awesome.
Also any suggestions of other type that have this mature financial feel would be awesome.

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This may be a link that is useful to you: MyFonts forum

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A great book about Fortune and the design of it is "Fortune: The art of covering business" 1999 - Thomas Maitland Cleland was the first Art Director and did the cover type of the magazine for years.

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I think Bob's answer will be more helpful than what I see so far at the MyFonts forum. However, if you are looking for something similar, Monotype's Mentor, by Michael Harvey, seems close, except that the stress on the O is not angled.

- Mike Yanega

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Also see article by Nick Shinn on Cleland and others at:

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Those fonts (typefaces) Cleland designed are not particularly close to the Fortune logo, which was what we were asked, even though it's interesting information.

- Mike Yanega

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Fortune logo designed by Tom Carnase

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The logo by Tom Carnase isn’t the one in the sample.

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