St Ryde - an informal,fancy Sans serif Typeface

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in my last two weeks i was working on a new informal sans-serif typeface.
here are two pics of my work right now.

critique is welcome.
thank you.

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I like the relaxed feeling.
Some notes:
* the "a" counter seems a bit too small (I would make it more lite that of the "e", in area if not in shape)
* "C" and "G" seems top-heavy/unbalanced
* "g"'s "tail" don't seems to work properly
* "Q"'s tail could be better

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yes ... my professor told me the same with the "a" counter. i will open it a little bit more.
the complete uppercase was made the last two days and there are still some little things i have to fix.
"g"'s tail ... oh yes, the open end is not quite good, maybe i'll draw it again from scratch

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