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I'm a student doing my first font. It's for a project in school. Looking for any kind of feedback you can give I also don't have name for it yet.


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I'm a student too and I'll try to give you my honest and humble opinion.

The first thing that came into my mind (and I know it's really odd) was the Mettallica lettering, specially K, N, R, Z, Y, Z... Don't ask me why but it reminds me, with a bold modern look.
I think it's still inconsistent. You should work it better specially on details, and structure, like, why does the B doesn't have counterform? Why the Q's and O's counterform is smaller than C's and G's? And there's more, but I'm afraid to sound annoying and too boring.

I'm working on a font too, that it's kinda "similar" to this of yours.
If you want to share opinions more properly give-me your e-mail and I'll send you mine, as I don't want to show it off "typophile forum scale" if you know what I mean :).

Plus you should make some test prints with various sizes and with real phrases or words, to get a notion of how it works on real, specific applications, that you should decide to. I assume it's meant to be a poster application?..

Regards, and good work!

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Hi, Peter

/R/ I think it could take a hint from /B/.
/F/ has an overbite problem.
/J/ Does it need a flat bottom? The /U/ isn't flat.
/M/ and /W/ both seem naked without those extra notches.
The counter could be more uniform. No?
/4/ seems a tad wide, same for /5/ and /2/.
Could the /1/ have a notch or something. Hmm. Maybe?
Why no counters on /4/, /6/, /8/, /9/, and /0/?

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This is gonna be for a poster, business card, letterhead, website and for my own logo.

Already did some print tests, works fine as a logo on a business card, the counter on the /O/ was almost gone so it makes sense making it bigger.

Gonna keep the counters out of the numbers for now, I kinda like it like that and it helps to seperate the zero and /O/. The counters look fine on /4/, /6/, /9/ and /0/ but not on the /8/, to me it makes more sense to leave them all out.

I noticed the overbite issue on /F/ but I think it's a cool /F/, tried some variations but nothing decent came out of it.

Made some changes trying to make it more consistent.

Made changes to /C/, /B/, /E/, /G/, /J/, /M/, /O/, /Q/, /W/, /3/ and /8/.

Right now when I'm looking at the letter the /B/ looks odd to me.

Let me know what you think,

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I would like to see it in action, post some text samples please.


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Put the it true Type Tool today so I could do some text samples.

A friend suggested the name Fatman :) Gonna go with that for now.

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I guess you could use a "cut" like /Y or /H on /U.

R seems strange to me.

M is better :)

F should be similar to E instead of T.

The rest is great, I like the negative space :)

Ah, and why the upper counter of B is smaller in thickness? It should be equal in my opinion.

Regarding the name is such a difficult task since there's a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of fonts over the internet. Since you're Finnish (?) I suggest that you name it with a Finnish name.


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Some more updates.

The R was thinner then all the other characters for some reason so I fixed that. I like my F so I'm not gonna change it yet. Also added a cut on the U. The B looks wierd when the upper counter is the same thickness.

Decided to go with the name Fatman. Added a extra character ( a bomb). Fatman was the name of one of the nuclear bombs that America dropped on Japan in WWII. Also made a poster for the final assesment in my type design class.

Still gonna work some more on it and make it into a proper font with more special characters.

So if you have any more feedback to give, please do.

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Hej Peter,

Your font is coming nicely along. Nice to see the notch in the letter U. For what it's worth, the J strikes me as much too skinny; L is a bit small, too. I'd also encourage you to consider balancing the R a little more (smaller bowl, bigger leg) and adding notches or something to the F. The word "FATMAN" in your graphics above is more or less illegible at that size. Other than that, nice work.

In case it hasn't already come to your attention, there are already several fonts named Fatman out there:

You could add yours to the list, but on the other hand you might consider a name that hasn't already been used... "Ginormity"? "Humongous"? "Larger Than Life"?

In any case, best of luck.

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Yeah I started looking at J and L. Gonna try some other versions with them. I could try and take the bowl from P and apply it to the R then the leg would become bigger as well.

These two poster are A3 and A2 as originals. Just posted this size for the forum. The size works fine as printed posters. Also on the business cards it's ok, meant to be used in big sizes though.

Probably gonna stick with the name. Got a concept going with the nuclear bomb of the same name that America droppen on Japan and I put an extra character in there that's supposed to be the bomb. If I change the name it dosen't work anymore. I don't mind that there are fonts called Fatman already.


Will post updates soon.

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Cool, haven't seen that one before. Some letter are really similar, others not so much. The P looks really wierd. R is interesting, might try something like that for my R as well.

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I like the general look to this typeface, but I think the half counters of the 3 don't fit with the other numbers.

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i think for what it is, it looks really good. my only qualm is that it looks really similar to every other font designed in 2009. but it's obviously a play off of what's currently going on in hip type design, and as part of that milieu, i really like it. the line going into the c and g, and ? all feel a tiny tiny bit too thick. that's it though. nice.

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