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Proofreading Ability

As a designer and someone who constantly notices and pays attention to type, I have developed a very keen proofreaders eye. I have always been one to notice typos and inconsistencies in formatting. I'm not claiming to be an expert writer or anything of the sort, but I am usually able to pick up on mistakes that go unnoticed by others. I feel that this is a valuable skill and something I should play up on when applying for marketing and communication positions. I do not want to be a professional proofreader, I would just like to stress that this an "extra" skill I have and something that a might give me a leg up on another candidate.

Does this seem like something I should really emphasize or is it not as unique of a skill as I think it is? If anyone has an opinion on this or a good idea of how to incorporate this into a résumé I'd appreciate the feedback.


As one that must do both for a living, I can feel the issue.
Unfortunately, in my experience, people tend to feel uneasy in front of skills that they perceive as unconnected. As if one diminishes the other.
That said, your kind of skill becomes essential if you manage to climb the ladder and work as art director or similar position (not my case, unfortunately ;-).

P.S.: it should be "résumé" ;-)