Serif Companion to Klavika?

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Hello, has anyone got good suggestions on a Serif companion (for text setting really) to Klavika (Process Type)?


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Wow..this is the first time I've not had any reply from anyone at Typophile:(

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How long will the text be?

I'm thinking slab serif here: (depending on style) Cholla, Vista Slab, FF Unit Slab, Prelo Slab, Dispatch, Soho Etc.

Perhaps more refined, something like Melior would work with it's square shoulders, or Charter with it's crisp details?

Don't have Klavika to try these out on. Lemmeknow what you do.

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Not very long. It's for an identity project. I'm thinking some "newer" serif might work..not sure which one though. I won't be setting oodles of text with it that's for sure. Just enough to act as a contrast and counterpoint to Klavika.

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You might want to check the Process Type website, and see if there are any examples there in-use. You could also contact them directly and ask, I'm sure they would have some good suggestions.

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how about Lucida or Joanna

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@ Chris: That's a really good idea. Thanks. Will go take a look now:D

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I would use something like Museo
Check here:

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