Boards magazine ID + Essex type

Instead of starting two threads I am going to stick two ID's in one thread. Do any of you kind people know the following.

A: The boards mag typeface.

B: This semi slab serif-ed type i saw in NYC.

As always thanks in advance.


I think B is an amputated slab serif, but the most similar font out of the box looks like Cape Arcona's [[|Cape Rock]]. Something like [[|Stymie Extra Bold]] with serif amputation (ouch!) might look similar to ESSEX.

- Mike Yanega

Boards looks pretty close to [[|Block Gothic Extra Condensed]] from Red Rooster.

- Mike Yanega

‘boards’ could be Akzidenz Grotesk Medium Condensed.

Thanks guys. Ak Grotesk looks like the hit to me on Boards.