GoForth Institute Garamond?

Looking for the font used on the main page (and logo) of:


Looks like a Garamond, feels like a Garamond, but has a few differences.

Things to look for:

- Upper case 'J' is tapered at the end (like Granjon)
- Lower case 't' doesn't have a cusp in the northwest corner
- Ball terminal on lower case 'r' and 'a'
- Flattened top on left side of upper case 'A'
- Squiggly '?'

It's almost like the lower case of Byington mixed with the upper case of Adobe Garamond, but not quite. Any ideas?

- Lex


I'm betting the farm it's Minion Pro

You're totally right! I can't believe I overlooked that. Thanks a bunch!

- Lex