Praise for SlowPrint from top designers, publishers!

Seems like we must be doing something right out here in the boonies. Accolades for the press have been received from all over, and we're particularly proud of the kind words of the fellow type lovers and bibliophiles among our clientele.

While we strive for modesty, we also recognize that economic survival requires a bit of banging on one's own drum from time to time. So in gratitude for the generosity of our clients and colleagues, we thought we'd share some of these...

"Peter runs the old press for contemporary clients. Beautiful work, a pleasure to work with."
Erik Van Blokland - Letterror, The Hague, The Netherlands

"Peter is an expert letterpress printer who does faultless, crisp, elegant work."
Mark Batty - Mark Batty Publishers, New York

"I met Peter via Association Typographique Internationale, years ago. I was already very impressed by his skills in various areas, from calligraphy to typeface design. As printer, Peter, with the great background gained over the years and natural skills in graphic arts, produced very high quality printing, but with this touch that only rare persons have, because of their knowledge. I recommend him!"
Jean Francois Porchez - Porchez Typefoundry, Paris

"I give my highest recommendation to Peter Fraterdeus, (Slow Print Studio), for this reason; he has a clear understanding of what matters in printing beautiful work. He understands that what matters is everything! It is refreshing to see someone who has the passion to treat every detail as an opportunity to show how much he cares."
Gregory Corrigan - Technical Director, Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum

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