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typeface history assignment

Well, figured I'd post it up in here for some suggestions before turning in my rough comp in 2 days... TEAR IT APAAAARRRRRTTTT!!!!

Sssignment specs:
1. complete name of font must be clearly spelled out in at least one place on the poster
2. the poster is to be completed using type only, and no "cutesy contrived images".
3. establish a very strong grid and build your piece on that grid.

So after the thumbnail critique from the teacher today he suggested I go with the first PDF I'm posting, and the 2nd PDF is just a bunch of really rough basic designs I whipped out.

so yeah.... go to town (PDF's are attached)

(FYI typeface used is "krone", a spinoff of ITC Korinna, while I was assigned Katrina, another spinoff of ITC Korinna)

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Here are my basic thoughts for the first PDF. I agree that it is the direction worth pursuing.

I very much like the drop cap "N" and how that unique crossbar meets up with the first line.
That said, the columns are too narrow, and the justification is causing awkward hyphens. Make a wider column, and see how a left aligned column works. Strong grids do not disallow ragged right columns.

The baseline of the light tan "ITC Korinna" should be aligned with the large brown "Kori", or maybe nudge the light tan one up a little so the serifs fit more snugly under the brown "Kori"

Have you considered building texture with the full character set? The group that runs vertically below the "N" drop cap is interesting. I feel like you could use that to mimic or evoke an art nouveau aesthetic.

I personally would list the type styles in this order: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic. Also, according to ITC's own http://page it isn't italic, but kursiv.

I mostly feel like you can push this in an art nouveau (more color/texture) direction or a '70s (think U&lc specimen) direction. Those seem appropriate to me.

I hope you found this helpful.