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Critique wanted


I'm a graphic design student and I'm working on the business card/stationary set for a environmental consulting firm. They already have the logo, and I can't make any alterations to it.

My main concern is the font used for the name/number/e-mail
Do you have any suggestions?
All feedback is appreciated!

Thank you,


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First thing, if they're a environmental consulting firm, I would replace the grey background with something less industrial and more "natural".
As for the type, you could try a serif (or, maybe, a light slab), in order to differentiate from the wordmark's typeface.

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The preview I see of your image has a monospaced font for the name/number/email. I wouldn't use it because it hampers the readability. The kerning just looks messy.
I would try something that is perhaps narrow or condenesed to start with so it relates to the tagline of the logo. Consistency is a good thing.