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Need two fonts for a website

I'm designing a website for a guy who does hair and makeup for fashion shoots. He's after a site that looks like a GPS unit (if you could imagine what a 1960's designed unit would look like). Now what I need help with is I need to source a couple of fonts, One just for the site name which is a 60's technical looking font so the site name look like part of the unit - his words he wants it to look tecchie but not Star Trek. The other a more avant gard 60's font for the menu and submenu.

Most of the site is shades of slate black with the text in off white with each sub section having one 60's inspired pastle colour for effect. So the fonts had to look good (and legible) in a near white against off blacks. Could anyone suggest any fonts that would suit this look? I have been looking through old design books from the era for inspiration but nothing is really grabbing me, I've got the feeling the fonts I am after are modern interpretations of fonts of that era rather than older fonts

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you seen Chalet? Whenever I think of avant garde posters, Mostra comes to mind. It is not from the 60s, though. Rather 30s art deco style.

If the tech stuff is just for the site name, I would draw it up myself. That way you can get the look you want and adjust the letters for better fitting, plus you get something unique. Techy geometric stuff is quite easy to draw.