Brighton and Hove City Council logo

This is an odd one. What The Font comes up with Minion - but it's nothing like! Anyone have a better idea?

Any help much appreciated, thank you.


Garamond Bold with a touch of horizontal scale.

Note: Anytime a typeface has horizontal scale applied it throws 'WhatTheFont' way out of wack.

Here is a sample at 100% horizontal scale. Feed this image to 'WhatTheFont' and it will NAIL IT without a problem. Mess with the HS just a little and the results are out the window.

I did think it was Garamond, but it isn't - that's what's thrown me off. Note the terminal on the y, the shape of the ampersand, the whole shape of the capital c and the connections between the storeys on the g.

Of course, it could be a tweaked version of Garamond, but they seem odd changes to make! Here's my comparison - apologies for huge image but to see the differences it helps:


Did you click on my link to 'ITC Garamond Bold' which matches the "y" terminal exactly?

Did you check Jeff’s link?
It’s ITC Garamond (which Jeff should have mentioned).
There are a lot of Garamonds that are quite different.

Ah! That'll teach me for making assumptions - I was convinced my first Garamond was ITC. Colour me embarrassed.

Sorry for doubting, and thank you very much for your help (and quick response).


Sorry for forgetting to post 'ITC Garamond Bold' in my first post. That's what I get for copying the font name from MyFonts. :(

Also, thanks Aegir for posting that sample... you may have just helped solve another ID case involving Garamond that has really been bothering me.

Interesting, it appears to be condensed to around 90%, which make it halfway between ITC Garamond and Apple Garamond (which was an ITC Garamond condensed to 80%).