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I am addicted to neo sans and tech today haha. Here is another concept created today let me know what you guys think. I used the L to make a path in the symbol. I really feel like the path is too rounded at the bottom left and making that less rounded will help the shape work. Let me know what you guys think.

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Here is an update it uses the an uppercase l and two half squares to make an arrow.

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You'll have to give some background about this project before people can critique its validity.


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Yup. But even without it there's nothing "leading" or "meshy" about the second set of marks. The first set is somewhat better as it implies following, but the L in the arrow is lost to the presence of a turn in the road, which implies sudden change of direction, which in turn carries a bunch of negative connotations.

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I dont think connotations are too bad as the arrow is heading upwards. However i do agree with Epsilicon that the first set is better; perhaps if you removed the perspective on the arrow the 'L' would be more obvious

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