Typophiles on Google Wave

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hi everyone, i know a few people are on wave and i just thought it would be cool to try to connect up there and see what all the fuss is about.

you can find me at: varultz@googlewave.com

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… I understand you need an invite - got one to spare?


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Google Wave is overrated. And I admit I don't get it yet. Simon we need to have a teaching session.

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I don't get it either. Not even close. Then again, we all thought "Google" was a silly word and it'd never catch on. I think I'm typographer@googlewave.com? Doesn't it simply use your gmail name?

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I got my invite (thanks, simon) but I have no clue what to do with it.

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what i've discovered so far is that it rocks at editing text. like me and a friend were mucking about with it and ti was seriously fun, like instant messageing on steroids. but until there are apps made for it that extend it's usefullness, it's not that much of fun thing to use, that beign said, i honestly believe that in a couple of years wave tech or similar ideas will be in all our email clients.

as a collobration tool it has heaps of potential.

for me the biggest thing that i have to keep getting my head around is that it's not public like say twitter or facebook, but that's it's private like email, i always feel it's more like twitter or facebook, thus i kinda expect it to be public.

what would be cool, is if we had 'wave parties' where a few of us were online at the same time using wave live, i think that's were it really shines :-)

oh and you have to try the playback feature - it's cool!

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well... wave never really did live up to the hype huh...

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Google+ ?


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I'm on Google+ too.

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I want to be on Google+... Anyone care to send an invite?

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As who? I can’t find you…

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