Modern Slab Serifs with specific "a"

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Hi, I would like some help to identify these 2 slab serifs. Thanks in advance.

- Restaurant Woodmark

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The second one is a free font called Romeral by Juan Pablo De Gregorio.

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Jan, as usual, thank you very much for your time and your answer. Perfect match!
For the first one, I just can't believe it's custom... It's a very small restaurant and if I clearly remember, they use this typeface for the rest of their collaterals (menus...).
Similars or base font are welcome of course. Thanks.

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You might like Regime or Vista Slab.

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The top one is very close to Ink Gothic at Veer. The alternate faces have very similar letters.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks a lot Stephen and Mike.
The more I look at "tiramisu", the more I think it's a mix between regular and upright letters ("a", "m", "s" and "u" coming from the italic). FB Belizio would have been a start...

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