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Plaque lettering from about 100 years ago - wish to find a matching font

Hi all,

Long time, no typophile! It's good to be back.

Anyways, here's a photo of some lettering on a plaque -- I believe the date is around 1904, certainly no later than 1910. I'm hoping to find a font that's somewhat similar so that I don't have to spend a bunch of time tracing letters on a crappy photograph. The ones suggested by TypeNavigator and IdentiFont aren't really fitting the bill:

Alinea Incise -- to variable in letter weight, and the O isn't perfectly round
Linotype Aroma™ Regular -- The M is missing that lovely point, and the O isn't perfectly round
Avant Garde Demi -- has the right O, but not much else

The closest one I found is Futura medium or demi -- I could probably work with these and modify the width of some of the letters, as well as change around the E. However, I do love those gently opened Us.

Anyways, if anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to hear them!



Hey Beth. If you only need to do "MAUSOLEUM" I think Futura is probably a sufficient basis. Even the "S" seems to match in terms of slight wobbliness.

Or wait, what about this:
Released just 19 days ago! (Although apparently the original is from the GDR days.)


Superla from Primetype looks quite similar in shape, except that the crotch of the M is not pointed. It's unfortunate that your sample shows so few helpful letters from an ID point of view. For example, C, G, J and R would be a big help, in addition to the M and S in your sample.

I have to agree that Futura Demi seems a very good match for the letters you have shown.

- Mike Yanega

Spartan is a slightly different version of Futura, with a wider-looking E, which makes the U look narrower. The M crotch is flat, however.

- Mike Yanega

"Usoleum" is the name of a usability blog/portfolio site I'm working on, hrant. Obviously I've plucked this from Mausoleum. :) I think modifying Futura will work just fine, and if I decide to use the above image in the header, I think Futura would work well for other title text on the site.

Thank you!