Fashionable San Serif Typeface

Please help us identify this wonderful typeface!

We think it could be a play on Donald Young's "Young Finesse"

But there's been a few instances where we have seen this used elsewhere, can anyone out there enlighten us of whether this is an existing typeface?

Thanks heaps in advance,



We have seen similar ones a lot lately, based on the limited characters this could be Retro Super Skinny

Hey great timing!… We just stumbled onto this:

But it's great to actually have this in digital format!
Anyone up-to-date on where we should go for licensing for typefaces such as these:
Foundry or designer?

You could always try contacting the designer through his website.

Thanks for your help…! This shall be a very handy addition to our library if we can get some form of digital licensing!


Did you read his 'rules for using the fonts'?

We did see the rules on his site, however there is a much large issue of licensing concerned here.

Mickey Rossi (aka subflux) is being very generous with the simple condition: send me a link to the work. Love it!

However, since this is a digital replication of the original 'Stark Debonair' designed for press by VGC (Visual Graphics Corporation), who no longer exist as of the 80's, we are unsure as to whether we can legally use this font for a commercial magazine or branding project.

Thus two questions remain!

1) Does anyone know of the current rights holders for the VGC's type library?
2) Has anyone come across this 'digital replication' grey-area before?

Thanks in Advance,


I think it may be based on Stylette

Frode Frank - I remember seeing something you were working on that is far more elegant than that example.

Nick Cooke