Any Ideas on these ?


ROAD could be Korinna

It is quite close but there are slight differences. Esp. in the weight.. and the "U" ...

I spent a lot of time looking for RAM, and I wonder what is the source of these? Do we know that they are fonts?

As far as the Korinna U, there have been versions of Korinna (usually by other names), where the U is like the one you showed above. I suspect that's because the original U was a bit too strange (archaic) looking to whoever was planning to sell these copied and renamed versions. Image Club once had something they called ITC Korinna, but the lighter weight had the standard U as you showed, while the bold had the U with the left side curved inward. Some of the 'cloned' bargain font sets just took a font and bolded and/or slanted it to create a new weight. We've all seen them.

- Mike Yanega

It is a scan of a shirt silk screen.. It looks like it is something "rounded" a bit at the edges. but not sure as I don't have the original. Only a printed scan..

The letters are not straight up and down or left/Right on the original.

To further prove my point, here is a font called Keira Bold from a ClickArt Fonts set from 1995.

- Mike Yanega

This might help.. Thank you very much...

What of "Ram" ?

The closest font I could find for RAM was Cape Arcona's http://Aries. The R leg has an odd shape, curving down, but slightly outward. There isn't much else to look for, unless you have more letters.

- Mike Yanega

Here is all I have..

OK, how about Helvetica, in one of the heavier weights? Now the R seems like it has a hint of flip on the bottom of the leg. The C is quite closed, and so is the S. The more letters we have, the better.

- Mike Yanega

The "R" does not match at all.

Well, I was assuming that some detail is lost in translation with silk screening. All of the edges of your sample letters seem sort of blunted. I thought perhaps the sharpness of the R tail flip would also be lost/blurred and subject to some ink bleed on the fabric.

- Mike Yanega