marker, informal, signage

Sorry about the tiny tiny images, but still someone might have an idea.. It might be custom, but I'm looking for a font that at least resembles this...


You could find good suggestion here:
More here:

thanks! sadly nothing in there is close enough, so I suspect it's all custom. after all it's ads for a lettering course.. :)

To me this looks like it's a font. I don't see variation in the same letters.

- Mike Yanega

However, I have searched quite a bit without finding the same lettering. The angular S ought to be easy enough to spot. I even thought it looked familiar, but so far I have not spotted it. The other letters seem close to an old Oldstyle/Image Club font called Cartoon that has been slanted and condensed, but not that S.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks a lot Mike! You don't happen to have a link to Cartoon?


Yes, that's the font. I was imagining it tweaked for width/height, and thought it might be close in feel, at least.

- Mike Yanega

Another idea is http://Orange Fizz by Blambot, a freebie. The italic might feel pretty similar to your sample.

- Mike Yanega