type ID on: Design Studies Book

Anyone know which typeface this is?


Has feel of Myriad and Frutiger but not exact.

The title at least looks like FF Kievit. (If the caps aren't wide enough, try the smallcaps.)

The text scan is a bit small but could be Kievit too as far as I can tell.

Kievit looks right on the money for the type on the inside as well. What did they do to the "S" on the cover? Appears they used 'black' and did an offset on the path to change to weight to something more like 'extra bold'.

Yikes, my suggestions were awful... no more IDs for me while watching football. :\


lol My eyebrow did go up at Myriad.

'CreativeNRG' where did you get the image you posted?

Thanks a bunch you two.

Well, the "G" looked close to Myriad... too bad the rest was WAY off. :P

I got the page sample from Amazon... clicked on the cover image and flipped through the pages.