"apparel" Art Deco condensed sans

Hi there,

My brother generated this PNG from "a font site" on the internet, most likely commercial. I'm stumped. My first guess was something from Nick Curtis, but I can't find anything of his that matches. Thanks in advance for the help.

- Lex


You had it right, it's http://Stony Island NF.

--- Tamas Ferencz ---

Hmm, scratch that, the r is different...

--- Tamas Ferencz ---

That is Chicago Modern, Alf Beckers 44th demonstration lettering from Signs of the Times magazine from August of 1935. It is available in digital format from MyFonts at...

or <em>...from the Fontry </em>

Apparently not the first time someone has digitized this design. Steve Jackaman claims he saw an Adrian Williams typeface like this. If so, Adrian must have found inspiration in Alf Becker's book. See Red Rooster's Saint Louis. I notice the 'a' is a different style, but otherwise the resemblance is startling.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks, guys. Chicago Modern is it!

- Lex