Can you ID this font?

I saved this as "western", but it isn't western; nor circus. The program I created this file in does not identify the font I used. Need the exact font if possible.


One name for this general style is 'Tuscan', but my search of the Tuscan styles at MyFonts didn't come up with anything that came even close to this O. This seems rather crudely shaped, and I thought it might be fill letters to go with a fancier overlaid set of letters.

You sure this isn't hand-drawn, and not a font?

- Mike Yanega

Ok, I'm not talented enough to hand draw something like this. LOL The only thing I can think of is that someone else drew it and sent it to me. So you could be right. It does look pretty crude, doesn't it. I used it in a cutting program and looks good when cut.

It has a feel like Wild West Shadow but not exact. It's my guess this is a custom job. Do you need just these letters or are you after the an entire alphabet?

Many, many thanks, CreativeNRG, that does look close enough that I can use it.