Query on new Mac, Snow Leopard

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I was wondering if Photoshop (CS3), Fontlab 5.0.3 and Quark 7 will work on this OS. Also is there really a problem with older fonts on this OS?

Thank you.

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Snow Leopard is not compatible with PostScript Type 1 Fonts?

Snow Leopard & FontLab compatibility

(I wish I knew more myself – I'm setting my new one up as we speak.)

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Been thru both of those nodes and still don't have a clue about the three software versions I asked about.

I am going to trash Quark after the first of the year, as those guys are pricks. On to Indesign. But I am concerned about the others.

Is the font question still up in the air? I am using the last free version of Font Explorer.


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I have not experienced any problems with PS TYpe1 fonts on snow cat.

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Thank you James!


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10.6.2 fixes the Type 1 problem. More info here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3874

FontLab works fine (it didn't in 10.6.0).

Adobe says Photoshop CS3 "works fine" on Snow Leopard: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2009/08/pscs3_on_snowleopard.html

QuarkXPress 7 is not officially supported on Snow Leopard, but it apparently works okay: http://planetquark.com/2009/09/21/quarkxpress-7-not-officially-supported...

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God bless you every one.

On to check out.


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I know you did not ask these things Michael, but I thought I might share some of the problems we have been having with snow leopard in our office.

1. Does not support our color inkjet printer. The patch epson offers kinda works but not really. It actually has caused our HP Laserjet to start fussing as well.

2. Our font management software, Suitcase, has gone haywire.

3. Some of our smaller applications like Stopwatch (for timesheets) needed to be updated and fixed, which actually deleted all our timesheets.

Anyways just some food for thought before you upgrade. I did some research but somehow missed that these things would cause a problem. We have had no issues with actual font files themselves.

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Michael, don't forget to back up. (Actually, don't anybody forget to back up.)

Sean: FWIW, an update just came out today with new HP drivers (Software Update is waiting for me to install them).

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Great info Mark, thank you!

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FWIW, I can second no [special] problems with FontLab 5.0.4 on OS 10.6.2.

Just one thing: If you get that new "Magic Mouse" (which I think is quite cool),
I recommend switching off "scroll with momentum" whenever using FontLab, which doesn't seem able to do the "momentum" and just scrolls around in the glyph windows like crazed. :-)

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Re Snow Leopard problems with T1, see this extensive thread on Apple forums:


Re font management in general, and OS manufacturers who are willing to support old software, it is difficult to beat the rock-solid combination of Windows 7 and gazillion-year-old ATM Deluxe for NT. Both work quite nicely together. You can even build your own MM instances -- which will be usable in ANY program running under Windows. Snow Leopard's inexplicable replacement of Mac-style Creator-based program opening with Windows-style extension-based program opening will also be a nightmare for anyone who has used a Mac prior to late 2009. It's difficult to understand what Apple is doing and why, as regards the OS.

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> and just scrolls around in the glyph windows like crazed

Nina, I've just made a little app to solve the Magic Mouse scrolling thing

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