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This post contains some cool fonts I have used, or tried to use recently. thought I would share, let me know your thoughts.

Hope you think these ones are as good as I do. I have tried to put a number of good free ones on too for those designing on a budget. The fonts are all really thick and great for headlines or experimental typography.

I love this font. I know plenty of top design agencies who use it frequently. Its a lovely bold italic font with a real difference. I have seen a couple of versions of this. I have found a downloadable file here, looks slightly different in certain characters but still really cool. It seems to work good in both uppercase and lowercase.

This is essentially an all caps font. Its really original and perfect for unique typographic experiments for a front page or poster, or anything else that needs a bit of impact. Spin recently used it on their mythologies graphics. They have adjusted it a bit by reducing the spaces on the gaps but apart from that is pretty much the same. It helps a lot actually and is probably a good idea if your gonna use this. The great thing about this font it is free and can be found here.


I wrote a post about this one previously as I liked it so much. Again it appears to be free and can be downloaded here. Its really thick as you can see and has options to slope characters such as A or V in either direction by chamging the case. Again its great for poster or cover typography. Obviously not so good for body due to legibility.


This is another free font and again really original. It really uses the positive and negative space well. Great for a freebe and can be found here.

Giza (nine)

Not a freebe and to be honest not that new or anything. But I have only recently used it and absolutely loved it. Its so thick and expressive and can add a real geometric order to a page because its so bold and such thin spacing. Its not free afraid, but can be found here.

This is a lineto font so obviously not free. Seen Build use it a few times. Its so original and really opens up a design. So powerful works perfectly on its own. Found here.

Fart Deco
Great name and also a great font. And guess what? thats right, its also free. Lots of really interesting characters. Can give a real arty feel. Get it here.


another lovely thick font which again has such structure to it. Works wonderfully well at large scales taking up most of the page. Seen lots of the top agencies use this one. Also free and can be found here.

Hope you enjoyed. What are your favourites? Any more to add to this list? let me know?

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