Lord Hobo - Beer Hall in Cambridge, MA (Blackletter Type ID)


I was wondering if anyone knew this specific blackletter typeface.

The sample comes from Lord Hobo, a beer hall located in Cambridge, MA (which is in Boston for anyone who does not know) near the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I have looked through reams of blackletter on MyFonts but have yet to identify it precisely. I have also posted it on WhatTheFont.

The website I pulled this sample from is: http://lordhobo.com/

Thanks all.



In my opinion this is pseudo-blackletter and was probably created for the beer hall, perhaps by a talented patron?

- Mike Yanega

I had the same thought myself. In fact, I looked at your site earlier today during my search. Guess I'll have to ask the manager next time I am in Boston. What a perfect excuse to go there!

Thank you for your response.